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Free insurance for online shopping offered by Mastercard*

Even safer online shopping with Mastercard

How do you enjoy your special offer?

In order to benefit from the free insurance of your online purchases, it is necessary to activate the AXA insurance by clicking on the ACTIVATE THE INSURANCE button above.

Free insurance for online purchases includes the following:

Extended warranty
(up to 1500 €) — one (1) extra year of manufacturer’s warranty on home appliances and electronics such as smartphones and laptops

Best price protection
(up to 1500 €) -refund of the difference between the product purchase price and a lower price for the same product found at another online store within 30 days of purchase (minimum single product price: 50 €, minimum price difference: 50 €)

Purchase protection
(up to 1500 €) — protection against product theft or accidental damage at the place of residence within 30 days of purchase. The insurer will refund a cost of repair or replacement of the products covered by the insurance or reimburse the Cardholder’s account the amount equivalent to product purchase price.

*The insurance applies to purchases made for business use at e-stores based in Europe, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland, paid for with an eligible Mastercard card.

Terms & Conditions of Insurance apply

The insurance is offered, for an initial period of one year from the date of activation, based on a group-level insurance contract concluded between Mastercard Europe SA and the insurance company INTER PARTNER ASSISTANCE, SA, a member of the AXA Group, with headquarters 166 avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels, Belgium, registered at the Registry of Commerce administered by the Registry of the Commercial Court of Brussels with registration number 0415591055. Before the expiry of the initial period of one year of validity of the insurance, an application to reactivate it will be sent to the email address communicated by the cardholder in the AXA activation form. The special insurance offer may be limited in time, the termination of this insurance offer being communicated on the website Termination will have no effect on insurance policies active on the date of termination.