Fine dining and exclusive experiences at Kane offered by Mastercard

Enjoy the offer

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Fine dining and priceless experiences at Kane offered by Mastercard*

How do you enjoy your special offer?

You can enjoy an exclusive and memorable experience at Kané-New Romanian Cuisine, all you have to do is to mention in your reservatio that you have a Premium card.

*The offer is available for Mastercard Premium cards owners (Platinum, World si World Elite)

The offer includes the following benefits:

  • Exclusive access to Private Dining Chef’s Table & The Private Garden reserved only for Mastercard
  • A dedicated phone line and an e-mail for future memorable experiences (0799 008 001 | hello@groupkane.com)
  • Give someone a priceless night (a Kané-New Romanian Cuisine gift card for someone special)
  • Welcome drink offered by Mastercard
  • Original snacks made by the creative and talented Kané-New Romanian Cuisine team, offered by Mastercard
  • Pre and after dessert offered by Mastercard
  • Free Pick-up and Take me home with a Premium car, offered by Mastercard
  • Special Wine Tasting for groups of 4-6 persoane, created only for Mastercard Premium guests

About Kané-New Romanian Cuisine

Kane is an illustration, in various forms, of what contemporary Romanian creativity stands for. Our restaurant promises a memorable exploration of tastes based solely on local Romanian ingredients that have been skilfully combined to bring out very surprising flavours.

A culinary experience highlighted by the setting of our new home, one of the most iconic buildings in Bucharest. Part of Kane’s identity is the house interior which was rebuilt to reflect what happens when you invite craftsmen to be progressive and bring their craft into modernity.